Sarms powder LGD-3033 SARM LGD3033 Reviews,Benefits,Dosage,Cycle and Side Effect
SARM LGD3033 Reviews,Benefits,Dosage,Cycle and Side Effect
  • SARM LGD3033
  • SARM LGD3033 Reviews,Benefits,Dosage,Cycle and Side Effect

    Product Name LGD 3033
    CAS 917891-35-1
    Appearance White powder
    Purity 99%min
    Package 10g,100g,500g and 1kg
    Min Order 10g
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    SARM LGD3033 Reviews

    SARM LGD3033 is a SARM known for increasing lean muscle mass and improving bone density. It is the strongest anabolic and shows results faster than other bodybuilding supplements, even for shorter periods of time. While LGD3033 is used for swelling, it also brings tearing effect to the bodybuilder, and brings high-quality muscles to the bodybuilder in the cutting period. LGD3033 is a non-steroidal SARM that may be used orally. LGD3033 tops SARM overall in increasing the intensity of bodybuilder workouts. SARM LGD3033 affects muscle and bone strength, resulting in a substantial increase in muscle size. LGD3033 is a full agonist in muscle and a partial agonist in prostate. SARM LGD3033 has an affinity of 0.9 nM for androgen receptors in bone and exerts anabolic effects in muscle and bone with high affinity, thereby improving overall strength. LGD 3303 helps in the treatment of osteoporosis symptoms and in the treatment of chronic diseases. LGD3033 helps bodybuilder to steadily increase lean body mass during the bodybuilding cycle, which is very beneficial for bodybuilder to add LGD3033 to the bodybuilding cycle.

    The development history of SARM

    The androgen receptor (AR) plays a key role in the function of multiple organs including primary and accessory sex organs, skeletal muscle, and bone, making it an ideal therapeutic target.
    Selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs) bind to AR and exhibit bone and muscle anabolic activity. At the same time, unlike testosterone and other anabolic steroids, these non-steroidal drugs have little effect on the growth of the prostate and other secondary sex organs, giving SARMs a huge room for medical development.
    The development space of SARM is becoming more and more crowded, more SARMs with different structural templates are accelerating, and various well-known pharmaceutical companies have joined the ranks of SARM development. Such as GTx/Merck, Ligand Pharmaceuticals, Kaken Pharmaceutical, BMS, Johnson & Johnson, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), Lilly, Pfizer, Acadia pharmaceuticals, etc.
    SARM has huge development potential and is becoming a new trend.
    The SARM LGD3033 we call today is a new SARM developed by Ligand Pharmaceuticals.

    What is SARM LGD3033?

    SARM LGD3033 is a new selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM) designed to prevent muscle atrophy, treat osteoporosis, greatly improve lean muscle growth potential, and help maintain strength and lean tissue in old age.

    LGD3033 is a non-steroidal oral SARM. It binds to androgen receptors with high affinity and selectivity, plays a special anabolic role in bone and muscle, and increases muscle size and strength.

    LGD3033 is a potent and highly selective androgen receptor complete agonist suitable for skeletal muscle, which is a classic target tissue for androgen action. In contrast, LGD3033 is a weak partial agonist in the prostate and sebaceous glands. Provides a new and potentially safer treatment for osteoporosis.

    SARM LGD3033 benefit

    As a selective androgen receptor modulator, LGD3033 belongs to SARM. It targets the bones and muscles and does not affect other organs in the body. Compared with anabolic steroids, LGD3033 as bodybuilding supplement has fewer side effects and is safer.

    LGD3033 reduces water retention

    SARM LGD3033 is known for providing pronounced muscle fullness, even though it is a dry compound.

    The decrease of water retention by LGD3033 may be related to the effect of nutrient allocation and the increase of nitrogen retention. This is an important benefit. In general, wetter compounds help muscles to show better, but the process retains a lot of water.

    With LGD3033, there will be no water retention problem. bodybuilder body shape and fullness will improve rapidly, and dry weight gain will be achieved over the next few weeks.

    Therefore, the muscle appearance obtained with LGD3033 is not obscured by excessive water retention.

    LGD3033 significantly increases muscle mass

    SARM LGD3033 has an unmatched ability to gain weight relative to other SArms (except S4 and LGD4033) and retain lean muscle tissue in the absence of calories.

    Because LGD3033 has a huge role in increasing bone density, this means that with LGD3033 for Bodybuilding, bones are strong enough to support more exercise and greater muscle weight.

    SARM LGD3033 increases muscle size very significantly and rapidly, followed by a significant increase in dry weight over the next few weeks.

    LGD3033 increases strength

    SARM LGD3033's great role in increasing bone density enables bodybuilder to have more robust bones and thus more strength.

    The strength gain from LGD3033 is very substantial, and bodybuilder can get a considerable boost from LGD3033, significantly improving lean and dry weight, while significantly improving strength and muscle endurance.

    The strength gain is even more pronounced when riding a bike using the LGD3033. The increase in power can sustain as long as bodybuilder invests time and effort to maintain these gains.

    LGD3033 Reduces body fat

    Being able to quickly increase muscle mass and maintain muscle appearance is one of the purposes of bodybuilder. LGD3033 also greatly improves the user's endurance in this process, and also has a powerful lipolysis effect, so that the bodybuilder looks slimmer and has more perfect muscle lines.

    LGD3033 is highly synthetic and metabolic, which increases the body's metabolism and helps to burn more fat, thus accelerating fat loss.

    At the same time, the increase in muscle mass, which increases the body's energy requirements, will further reduce fat.

    LGD3033 half-life

    SARM LGD 3033SARM LGD 3033SARM LGD 3033

    The figure shows that the peak value of LGD3033 in plasma and serum is about 0.08ug/ml, it reaches about 0.04ug/ml about 6 hours after taking the medicine, and it drops to about 0.02ug/ml about 12 hours after taking the medicine.

    So the half-life of LGD3033 is 6 hours. LGD3033 has a short half-life; therefore, multiple dosing throughout the day is required to maintain stable serum concentrations of LGD3033.

    Using 2-3 times a day can maintain the serum concentration of LGD3033 within an appropriate range.

    SARM LGD3033 dosage

    Thus LGD3033 induced prostate size in a dose-dependent manner and had no effect on the prostate at a dose of 1 mg/kg/day.

    In clinical studies, a dose of 1mg/kg/day is sufficient to replace the anabolic effects provided by natural testosterone in muscle growth, which corresponds to approximately 11mg/day LGD3033 dose in humans.

    SARM LGD3033 usually achieves the desired results at doses of approximately 10mg or higher, and the optimal LGD3033 dose may be closer to 20mg/day.

    LGD3033 is usually taken orally, and it can also be taken with liquids such as juice or water. During the use of LGD3033, whether the subjects were fasting or not did not affect the results. Therefore, it is not necessary to take LGD3033 on an empty stomach.

    LGD3033 may also be used by injection. Since injection is not as convenient as oral administration, bodybuilder usually chooses the oral method. Because injection into blood is difficult to maintain the dose, so the bodybuilder usually does not choose to use LGD3033 injection.

    As a non-steroidal SARM, LGD3033 is also suitable for female bodybuilder.

    SARM LGD3033 cycle

    SARM LGD3033 Cycle is generally 6-8 weeks

    For beginners, use LGD3033 for cutting, LGD3033 dose is 10 mg /day in three doses. LGD3033 for Bulking, LGD3033 dose is 10 mg-20 mg /day in three doses.

    For experienced bodybuilders, LGD3033 for cutting, LGD3033 dose is 20 mg /day in three doses. LGD3033 for bulking, LGD3033 dose is 20 mg /day in three doses.

    Does LGD3033 require PCT?

    Bodybuilder in the process of using LGD3033, reported using a moderate dose of LGD3033, will appear testosterone suppression.

    Bodybuilders usually need to use closer to 20 mg for better results. Therefore, PCT usually requires the use of LGD3033.

    Although PCT is not running, the body will restore the hormone itself. But the process is usually slow. During the slow recovery of the body, bodybuilder may experience fatigue, loss of muscle mass, fat gain, etc., which is not conducive to the smooth progress of the next Bodybuilding Cycle.

    Timely PCT is helpful for rapid recovery of the body, so that the body can restore stable hormone level in just a few weeks and help the bodybuilding result to maintain better input into the next stage of Bodybuilding cycle.

    Since SARM LGD3033 binds to the androgen receptor, it may leave testosterone that would otherwise bind to the androgen receptor, and then 5-A reductase is more likely to convert testosterone to DHT. Symptoms such as Gyno may occur. These symptoms are more common when bodybuilder uses anabolic steroids, and these symptoms from SARM are usually mild.

    Some experienced bodybuilders will add AI to the SARM LGD3033 cycle to avoid GYNO symptoms that may occur, which is wise. The usual AI dose is 25-75 mg/day. Bodybuilders can adjust the dose based on the severity of the actual symptoms.

    LGD3033 side effects

    Since LGD3033 is still in the research stage, there is no complete introduction of side Effects. Below we have collected some possible side effects reported by bodybuilder during the use of SARM LGD3033.

    Testosterone inhibition

    SARM does not normally suppress testosterone or LH in men, but some SArms such as YK11, S23, and LGD3033 do to some extent. This is because LGD3033 is a complete agonist of the androgen receptor, but at the same time has a weak partial agonist in the prostate, so it will affect the hormone level in the body and has a certain inhibitory effect. This mode of action also makes LGD3033 somewhat close to anabolic steroids. 

    Due to the inhibitory effect of LGD3033, Bodybuilders can add SARMs in the bodybuilding cycle to avoid possible side effects.The commonly used SERM is AI, Clomiphene or Novadex.

    Increased libido and aggression

    SARM LGD3033 can effectively enhance the sexual desire of both men and women. At the same time, due to the androgenic nature of this compound, it may increase the aggressiveness of bodybuilder. This is not necessarily a bad effect, but if it becomes easy to become aggressive, intervention is need. Adding AI or SERM to the Bodybuilding Cycle can help alleviate this.

    Effects on blood lipids

    The androgen effect of LGD3033 can lead to the increase of LDL and HDL, which affects the health of blood lipids to a certain extent. If this is the case, Bodybuilders can improve with a proper diet and Bodybuilders will recover within a PCT cycle.

    LGD3033 vs LGD4033

    Molecular formula of LGD 3033 and LGD 4033:

    LGD3033 is a derivative of LGD4033, which is a refined and structurally different SARM.

    Ligand Pharmaceuticals Incorporated (LGND), the developer of LGD4033, announced preclinical data on SARM LGD3033 on September 16, 2007, showing the effects of LGD3033 on bone mineral density and strength.

    In fact, LGD4033 and LGD3033 are not that far apart.

    Dr. Martin D. Mcglasson, vice president of Discovery Research at Ligand, described the use of LGD3033 to increase bone mineral density in the femur, spine, and more, aiding in the deposition of new bone, among other functions.

    In terms of dose, it is difficult to say whether LGD3033 is more effective than LGD4033, although many believe that LGD3033 is more effective.

    Unlike LGD4033, LGD3033 is generally consider to be a dry compound. Therefore, when used in the cutting stage, it does not blur the muscle.

    The reason dry compounds are ideal during the cutting phase is that once bodybuilder has removed excess fat, compounds that tend to retain subcutaneous moisture hide the muscle profile of bodybuilder, which is the opposite of what bodybuilder is trying to achieve during cutting.

    The LGD3033 is strong enough for the bodybuilder to retain hard-won muscle despite the calorie deficit, and does not hinder the beauty of the muscular appearance in any way, as the LGD3033 does not cause water retention.

    This makes LGD3033 a potential cleavage compound.

    Therefore, LGD4033 is ideally suit for use during the bulk phase as it provides beneficial joint fluid and reduces the risk of injury as strength levels climb.

    In the bulk stage, the bodybuilder can choose whether to use LGD3033 or LGD4033 according to the testosterone inhibition, water retention, etc. In the cutting stage, LGD3033 is more suitable than LGD4033.

    SARM LGD3033 is more inhibitory than SARM LGD4033, more closely related to steroids, and can be superimposed into the steroid cycle to increase strength. The use of Test+LGD3033 is equivalent to the addition of an oral steroid, which is safer while building muscle.

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