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The best mk677 dosage

2022-12-06     Company News

When bodybuilder selects mk677, which mk677 dosage helps bodybuilder get the best results?
In general, we say the mk677 dosage is 10-50mg/day.
This is a wide range of doses, and it is impossible for new bodybuilder to know which dose to choose between 10 and 50mg.
Here, we take a look at the key dosage for the mk677:2mg, 10mg, 25mg and 50mg.


2mg was the smallest mk677 dosage ever studied. In some trials, subjects received a single daily oral dose of mk677 2mg, which resulted in a clinically or statistically significant increase in blood GH levels, however, in some other trials, there was no significant change. Therefore, 2mg dose of mk677 is the effective dose of mk677, but this dose is not fully effective and is not suitable for bodybuilder selection.

10mg /day

10mg of mk677 dosage can act as a stabilizing power. Studies have shown that a daily dose of 10mg mk677 results in a significant increase in blood GH levels.
A study of GH-deficient males aged 17-34 showed a significant increase in IGF-1 concentration in all subjects at four doses of mk677 dosage of 10mg dosage, as shown below.

The mk677 dosage of 25mg was the most common dosage. Studies have shown that this dose is consistently effective in increasing GH levels in test subjects. 25mg a day is a tipping point for mk677 dosage. At doses below 25mg per day, there were no side effects. After doses above 25mg, some side effects began to be observed, including water retention and headache. Side effects are dose-increasing.


50mg is the maximum dose of mk677 studied. Studies showed that GH levels increased significantly at this dose and were well tolerated by the tested subjects.
As shown in the previous picture, the concentration of IGF-1 increased significantly in all subjects at a daily dose of 50mg.
mk677 is commonly administered at 10-25mg/day because side effects become more pronounced with increasing dose. In this dose range, the effect is best and there are no side effects.
A mk677 dosage of 20-25mg/day is usually chosen for men and a mk677 dosage of 10mg/day for women.
Novice men or men weighing less than 150 pounds may also choose to start with a dosage of 10mg/day for good results. Then gradually increase the dosage to 20 or 25mg a day.

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