Company News SARMs PCT:Which SARMs require PCT?

SARMs PCT:Which SARMs require PCT?

2022-11-02     Company News

In order to have a good figure, especially men, bodybuilders want steel-like abdominal muscles and arms with blood vessels, but the bad thing is that it is difficult for most people to achieve this level. However, human nature is to take shortcuts, and in the fitness industry it is not exception. SARM, also known as Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator, can help Bodybuilders get twice the result with half the effort in the process of fitness, but some SARMs will more or less inhibit the body's own gonadal axis, so after Bodybuilders use SARMs cycle, SARMs PCT is must be done. It helps restore normal levels of testosterone in Bodybuilders.

Which SARMs require PCT?

PCT is also called Post Cycle Therapy, and its main purpose is to restore your own testosterone from a suppressed state to normal levels. So which SARMs require PCT?


If a dose of 25 mg per day is used for 12 weeks (best effect) then a course of PCT should be started after the end of the cycle. But if you complete the cycle within 8 weeks, with a daily dose of less than 20mg, you can recover naturally without the need for PCT.

LGD 4033

PCT is required after a 20 mg per day cycle for 12 weeks, even if only half the dose is used per day during the cycle. When bodybuilders are used at a dose of 20 mg per day for less than 6 weeks, PCT can be omitted.

GW 501516

GW 501516 is a PPARα agonist, in fact it is not SARMs and does not affect the gonadal axis, so PCT is not required.


PCT is required for any use of YK11, and since YK11 is methylated, liver protection is also required during the cycle of use. At the same time, the PCT must be carried out.


MK677 is an orally available growth-stimulating hormone secretion that mimics the effects of GH to stimulate endogenous hormones. It will not affect the gonadal axis, so PCT is not required in any mode of use and cycle.


SR9009 is a REV-ErbA agonist, it is not strictly a SARM, it does not affect the gonadal axis, so PCT is not required


RAD 140 is popular with Bodybuilders for its potent efficacy, it is also by far the most powerful SARMs, PCT is a must, no matter the method and cycle.

SARMs PCT is an issue that Bodybuilders must pay attention to. The above are some of the PCT recommendations of SARMs, and we will continue to organize them. In the PCT process of Bodybuilders, tamoxifen + clomiphene + HCG, this combination is basically a simple PCT applicable to all SARMs Cycle.


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