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SARM brief introduction  

2022-08-26     Company News

SARM, short for selective androgen receptor modulator, is divided into true SARM and agonists classified as SARM.  

There are 9 real SARMs, they are Andarine S-4, S-23, LGD3303, Ligandrol LGD 4033, Testolone RAD140, Ostarine MK2866, YK11,AC-262, ACP-105.  

Six agonists were classified as SARM, including Ibutamoren MK-677, Cardarine GW501516, GW0742, Stenabolic SR9009, SR9011 and AICAR/Acadesine.  

In the following, we will mainly introduce several SARMs. 

The earliest SARM-andarine S-4  

Andarine S-4 is the first discovered and best known SARM.  

Compared with all SARMs,Andarine S-4 is the most easily recognized SARM. The color of Andarine S-4 is light yellow, which is obviously different from other SARMs.  

Andarine S-4 is the first SARM developed in the 1990s. Compared with the whole SARMs group, Andarine S-4 has two obvious effects. First, Andarine S-4 can reorganize muscle tissue and modify muscle shape while increasing muscle.  In this process, Andarine S-4 attaches to and binds to proteins to control muscle growth and muscle reconstruction, making the modified muscle drier and clearer.  

Another is to enhance the distribution of blood vessels.  Good blood vessel levels are conducive to smooth bodybuilding.  Andarine S-4 increases the distribution of blood vessels, making them more prominent and further modifying the shape of the muscle. 

The mildest SARM - AC 262  

The reason we know that SARM has fewer side effects than anabolic steroids is that SARM selectively binds to androgen receptors in bone and muscle and does not affect other organs, so there are few side effects.  

SARM AC 262 has an affinity of Ki=5nM for androgen receptors in skeletal muscle, whereas LGD4033 has an affinity of Ki=1nM for androgen receptors in skeletal muscle.  

At the same time, SARM AC 262 had no significant affinity for any of the other receptors tested, and thus did not affect any organ at all except the androgen receptor in skeletal muscle.  

In addition, SARM AC 262 is a partial agonist of the androgen receptor.  Although the effect of partial agonists is not as dramatic as the effect of full agonists, this is not too much of a problem, as the SARM AC 262 is the mildest SARM, and bodybuilder can increase the dose as appropriate without producing a large effect. 

The most muscle-building SARM-YK11  

SARM YK11 was developed to act on myostatin.  

Myostatin regulates the growth and differentiation of myocytes, limits skeletal muscle growth, and limits muscle size.  Myostatin also promotes the breakdown of muscle protein.  

It has to do with the body's self-regulation, lots of muscle, lots of calories and lots of protein to maintain.  The more muscle your body builds, the more calories and protein you need to eat to maintain it.  Because we may not get as much heat or protein, myostatin limits muscle production and development.  

It's just that with the development of human society, calories and protein are no longer luxuries, and humans are looking for a more attractive appearance of muscle.  This makes myostatin, which is used to limit muscle size, redundant.  

SARM YK11 was developed to help bodybuilder remove this limitation.  

Myostatin secretion increases with age and SARM YK11 enables bodybuilder to counter the effects of Myostatin and maximize muscle growth.  


Different SARMs act on different receptors and help the bodybuilder achieve its goals from various aspects. Therefore, different SARMs can be used in stacks for greater effect. 

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