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RAD 140 side Effects

2022-10-28     Company News

Every drug will have side effects, but due to a variety of internal and external factors, they behave differently and do not necessarily happen to everyone. The RAD 140 is no exception, so what is the RAD 140 Side Effects? This article takes you to understand in detail.

RAD 140, also known as Testolone, is an orally bioavailable non-steroidal selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM) capable of increasing muscle mass and enhancing the effects of testosterone without the undesirable side effects of anabolic steroids. But bodybuilders will still have side effects during use.

What is the RAD 140 side effect?


Many drugs are more or less hepatotoxic, and a 52-year-old Caucasian man was reported to develop drug-induced liver injury after taking a supplement containing SARM RAD 140, in which liver enzymes recovered 3 months after stopping the supplement normal level. Since the man also reported daily whisky and beer consumption and recreational drug use, and that the supplement he used contained not only RAD 140 powder, but also LGD 4033 and other unlicensed substances, it cannot be concluded that SARM RAD 140 caused his Liver damage. In trials of RAD 140, there was a good relationship between oral RAD 140 and liver esters, and at doses 10 times higher than the effective dose, liver enzyme elevations were minimal. Thus, SARM RAD 140 has minimal hepatotoxicity.

2.Testosterone Suppression

SARM RAD 140 is also an androgen receptor modulator. Therefore, it will inevitably inhibit testosterone during long cycle use. However, unlike steroids, SARM RAD 140 has little inhibitory effect on testosterone and does not affect HPTA. System, Bodybuilders will slowly return to normal levels of testosterone over a period of time at the end of the cycle. Therefore, the testosterone-suppressing effect of RAD 140 will slowly disappear after Bodybuilders stops using RAD 140, and the testosterone in the body will slowly return to normal levels.

3.Hair loss

Hair loss is the last thing Bodybuilders wants to see. Among the patients with hair loss, androgenetic alopecia accounts for a large proportion, and the essence of androgenetic alopecia is that testosterone is converted into DHT in the body and then acts on the hair follicles. Androgenetic alopecia is caused by elevated levels of testosterone in the body, which is the basis for anabolic steroid muscle building, while RAD 140 is not structurally a steroid. After entering the human body, the reductase and aromatase in the human body cannot participate and effect. Therefore RAD 140 will not be converted into DHT, so RAD 140 will not cause hair loss.

In addition to these RAD 140 Side Effects above, some users also reported the following RAD 140 Side Effects,


2.Stress and aggression

3.Acne or other skin problems

This is just a report from some of these customers, although we are aware of some cases, but there is a lack of strong evidence that these side effects are caused by RAD 140, we will continue to pay attention and bring you follow-up follow-up.


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