Company News Metandienone before and after in muscle building?

Metandienone before and after in muscle building?

2023-05-22     Company News

Metandienone will bring a real transformation and desired bodybuilding effect to bodybuilder. If we ignore the side effects for now and just focus on the Dianabol result, it is a promising AAS. In fact, Metandienone before and after has proven itself as the most popular AAS.

As an anabolic steroid, it increases free testosterone and nitrogen retention in the body. This is important because nitrogen makes up 16% of muscle tissue, and more nitrogen retention means more protein synthesis, which accelerates muscle mass growth.

Metandienone also increases the breakdown of glycogen. The breakdown of glycogen means that more of the carbohydrate consumed is converted into energy, and correspondingly, less carbohydrate is converted into fat. This is also the reason why it has great improvement in physical strength and explosive power. This surge in endurance can greatly support bodybuilder performance during exercise and provide the strength needed for training. After using it, users typically lift up to 30 pounds more during compound exercises. If users continue to lift regularly after the cycle, they will retain these strength gains as well.

Depending on how well the user uses it, it can also eliminate subcutaneous fat. This is because it promotes protein synthesis and affects the rate of metabolism. In addition, it is also essentially an exogenous form of testosterone that acts as a fat-burning hormone. However, the degree of fat loss depends on the user's dietary habits, and water retention during use of Metandienone may mask the fat loss to some extent.

Metandienone result

The results of the whole Metandienone cycle are tremendous and it plays into all aspects of your fitness, from endurance to fat loss. But mostly, it's more variable in terms of muscle mass gain. In essence, Bulking aims to pursue a fast increase in protein, and in this Metandienone does, it is more suited to bulking than Cutting.

People who followed the Metandienone cycle claimed to gain 30-35 pounds after one cycle. However, some of this weight comes from water retention due to its interaction with aromatase.

Metandienone is usually seen in the third week of the cycle. As for the first two weeks, it also works, but the strength gain is gradual as the bodybuilding progresses, so for the first two weeks, you'll see strength gains, as well as about 4-6 pounds of weight gain. In practice, everyone's progress is different, and typically you'll see a significant improvement in the third week.

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