Company News GW0742 side effects --What we must know before use it

GW0742 side effects --What we must know before use it

2022-09-01     Company News

Before using GW0742 for bodybuilding , we should know its benefit , usage , dosage . Beside these , we must know GW0742 side effects.

GW0742 is PPARδ/β receptor agonist. Bodybuilder mainly uses GW0742 to improve endurance and muscle and fat loss.  

GW0742, like SARMs, helps build lean muscle mass and improve bone density.  GW0742 also accelerates fat loss like GW501516.  In addition to the advantages of GW501516 and SARMs, GW0742 has stronger lipid burning capacity than GW501516, which has anti-inflammatory properties. Improves cardiovascular output efficiency, and improves cardiovascular endurance.  

Although GW0742 for bodybuilding has a lot of benefits, we cannot ignore GW0742 side Effects befere us it.  A full understanding of its side effects is conducive to better use of GW0742 to reduce possible side effects and to achieve better bodybuilding effects. 


GW0742 is still an experimental drug with no widely publicized side effects. As a mature Bodybuilding supplement, GW501516 has been widely used in Bodybuilder. So the side effects of GW501516 are relatively well known to the public.  

Therefore, when we talk about GW0742 side effects today, we must mention GW501516 side effects.  

Because the chemical structure of GW0742 is very similar to GW501516, GW0742 has similar side effects as GW501516.  

Common side effects include nausea, diarrhea, headache and fatigue.  These side effects are also often related to the dose used and the quality of the product purchased.  

Under normal circumstances, the above side effects on the body will be recovered after discontinuation of GW0742 by observing the use method and dosage of GW0742 and cooperating with PCT according to their own physical conditions.  

The reason for the above side effects may also be related to the purity of GW0742 powder purchased. The more pure GW0742 powder is, the less impurities it contains. And the less impact it will have on the body and the less side effects it will have. 


The reported side effect of GW501516 in the experiment was to accelerate the spread of cancer. So when BodyBuilder purchased GW501516, it was told to avoid using GW501516 if BodyBuilder had cancer.  

In fact, GW501516 was controversial when it was first reported that it might speed up cancer progression in organs.  Because the present study of PPAR beta/delta table, activation of PPAR beta/delta can not only inhibit the generation of tumor. also could promote the proliferation of tumor, it could also be related to the dose used. After all, for the purpose of the experiment, often is the use of high doses to verify whether it has the most optimal effect. When human use ,we don't use that dose. 

However, it is gratifying to note that GW0742 was not shown to accelerate the spread of cancer in rat tumor studies, even when the experiments were run at high doses (30mg/kg).  This is a major breakthrough of GW0742 compared to GW501516. 


However, GW0742 also reported a specific side effect in mice that enlarged the heart by activating calcineurin.  This suggests that people with a family history of heart disease or a history of heart problems should be cautious about GW0742.  In the general population, studies have shown that cardiac growth and blood vessel formation are reversible up to 4 weeks after the end of treatment with GW0742.  


With a full understanding of GW0742 side effects, we can use GW0742 more scientifically. Make full use of GW0742 benefits, and avoid GW0742 side effects. 

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