Company News Effect of nitrogen balance on bodybuilder

Effect of nitrogen balance on bodybuilder

2022-09-29     Company News

Nitrogen balance is an important concept for bodybuilderand we need to know what nitrogen is before we can understand what nitrogen balance is.

What is nitrogen?

This nitrogen right here, is chemical nitrogen. Nitrogen is ubiquitous in nature.

Nitrogen gas that makes up about three-quarters of Earth's atmosphere and is found in everything from bacteria to plants to animals. Nitrogen is a key component of amino acids, the building blocks of proteins.

The process of building muscle is the process of protein synthesis, so the significance of protein to the bodybuilderis needless to say.

So, back to our main topic -- nitrogen balance.

What is nitrogen balance?

For the human body, the nitrogen we take in and the nitrogen we take out is always dynamic. In a dynamic situation, there must be three conditions: nitrogen intake equals nitrogen excretion, nitrogen intake exceeds nitrogen excretion, and nitrogen intake is less than nitrogen excretion. The terms for these three conditions are nitrogen balance, positive nitrogen balance and negative nitrogen balance.

What is the effect of nitrogen balance on bodybuilder? 

We already know what nitrogen is for protein synthesis, so bodybuilder might assume that maintaining a positive nitrogen balance is the only way to build muscle effectively.

Is that the right idea?

Right Typically, if the bodybuilder is in a positive nitrogen balance, it will gain muscle, and if it is in a negative nitrogen balance, it will lose muscle.

But that's not quite right. Nitrogen is not only found in muscle proteins, but also in DNA,RNA, nucleic acids. It's not just how much nitrogen is ingested that skeletal muscle can extract.

Therefore, when the bodybuilder is in N balance and positive N balance, it may not necessarily gain muscle, but if the bodybuilder is in negative N balance, it will definitely lose muscle.

The relationship between nitrogen balance and muscle is like the relationship between fuel consumption and car speed. Fast speed and fuel consumption is certainly related, but fuel consumption is not the only condition of fast speed. But if you don't have fuel, you can't go fast.

So, for bodybuilder, avoid negative nitrogen balance situations.

How do you solve the negative nitrogen balance situation? 

For bodybuilder, if you get enough nitrogen, you can avoid negative nitrogen balance. However, bodybuilder does not always maintain adequate nitrogen intake.

This state occurs in two common situations: overtraining and the bodybuilder with Cutting Cycle. In both cases, it is often difficult to maintain a positive nitrogen balance. In particular, the bodybuilder at the Cutting Cycle needs to keep the calories consumed lower than the calories consumed by the body. At this time, it is easy for catabolism to be greater than anabolism. Therefore, experienced bodybuilder usually adds supplements at this stage.

The commonly used Bodybuilding supplements of Sarm LGD4033 to help the bodybuilder maintain muscle mass and gain muscle during the cutting phase.

To avoid the negative nitrogen balance caused by over training, GW501516 can also be added to help bodybuilder consume fat as an energy source and maintain a positive nitrogen balance.

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