Company News Bodybuilding AAS Proviron Helps bodybuilder relieve anxiety

Bodybuilding AAS Proviron Helps bodybuilder relieve anxiety

2023-03-30     Company News

Anabolic steroids are androgens, and the use of AAS by bodybuilder may cause problems related to emotion, such as inhibition, insomnia, aggression, and anxiety, Proviron had a positive impact on these emotional problems.

A double-blind trial confirmed some surprising anti-depressant and anti-anxiety properties of Proviron .

Depression is basically caused by a chemical imbalance through signals between receptors. It improves the quality of the channels that cells use to communicate and interact.

Proviron also acts effectively as a so-called neurosteroid through the endocrine system, which recognizes it as a neurosteroid.
Proviron plays an inhibitory role in neurotransmission and acts as an effective positive allosteric regulator of GABA receptors.

Common AAS that affect the emotion of bodybuilder include Trenbolone, equipoise and mast.

AAS Proviron stack with Trenbolone (Tren A and Tren E)

Trenbolone is a powerful AAS that can often be used by experienced bodybuilders. It has to do with how powerful it is, but it also has to do with the side effects it can cause. The emotional side effects of using Trenbolone range from anxiety to lack of sleep. Proviron plays an important role in helping bodybuilder relieve anxiety and other emotional problems during the Trenbolone cycle.

Proviron 's positive effects on emotion have been previously underestimated. Using it greatly improves the user's happiness and avoids negative emotions.

Proviron stack with Drostanolone (Masteron and Masteron E)

Proviron and Drostanolone are both derivatives of DHT, and stack them to create great synergy. Helps stiffen muscles, prevent water retention, increase libido and more.

Proviron also has the effect of locking aromatase and binding to AR and SHBG, increasing the effect of other AAS and amplifying the effect of corresponding compounds.

Proviron is not hepatotoxic and can be used in high doses or for extended periods of time, depending on individual circumstances. At the dosage of 50-150mg a day, it was enough for almost anyone.

Research on Proviron proves that it plays an important supporting role. When used in stack with other compounds, in addition to amplifying the effects of other compounds and avoiding some estrogen side effects, it also avoids the emotional side effects of bodybuilder. Bayer is also developing Proviron for injection as a treatment for depression.

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