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Best PCT for RAD 140

2022-10-17     Company News

Best PCT for RAD 140, seeing this name, many bodybuilders do not know what PCT is, this article will introduce it in detail.

Post Cycle Therapy, referred to as PCT, is a treatment method that allows the body to return to normal as soon as possible after the bodybuilders use the drug cycle.

Why is PCT needed?

As we all know, after the cycle of using anabolic steroids, Bodybuilders will be more or less inhibited in their own testosterone. If bodybuilders do not do PCT, through self-regulation, testosterone can slowly recover from the suppressed state to normal levels, but this process Very long, it will cause a series of side effects such as muscle breakdown, which will lead to muscle breakdown. The main purpose of PCT is to quickly restore your own testosterone from a suppressed state to normal levels. A professional PCT will also reduce bodybuilders muscle loss and reduce physical stress.

Do SARMs require PCT?

SARMS is a drug commonly used by bodybuilding enthusiasts. It is a selective androgen receptor modulator. For most SARMs, under reasonable doses, Bodybuilders does not require PCT, but some SARMs require PCT, such as RAD140 . SARM RAD140, as the most powerful SARM so far, must perform PCT regardless of usage and cycle. RAD 140 inhibits testosterone primarily by reducing FSH and LH as a result of its binding affinity to AR. Therefore, after using RAD 140 in a cycle, Bodybuilders will reduce its own testosterone, and it is often necessary to perform PCT to restore its own testosterone level.

RAD 140 half-life

The half-life of SARM RAD 140 is 24 hours, so users can start PCT 2 days after completing a 4-week cycle of RAD 140.

Best PCT for RAD 140

Commonly used PCT drugs are selective estrogen modulators SERM (tamoxifen, clomiphene), luteinizing growth hormone (HCG).

Selective estrogen modulators (SERMs) stimulate luteinizing hormone and follicle-stimulating hormone secretion, which in turn increases testosterone secretion

Luteinizing hormone (HCG) is a synthetic luteinizing hormone. After the injection, the testicles receive a signal to start secreting testosterone.

When bodybuilders run a cycle of only RAD 140, then clomiphene citrate can meet the requirements of PCT, and it is recommended that clomiphene citrate can be 25mg/day for 30 days.

When Bodybuilders stacks the RAD 140 with other SARM pairs, then tamoxifen is more ideal. Recommend tamoxifen 20mg/day for 30 days

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