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Anabolic supplements for bodybuilder

2022-12-30     Company News

Muscle growth is the process of anabolism. Bodybuilder uses anabolic supplements for the purpose of increasing anabolism and avoiding catabolism.

Anabolism and catabolism are two completely opposite processes. Anabolic reactions require energy, catabolic reactions produce energy. Anabolism involves taking simple molecules and building them into more complex ones, using energy in the process. Catabolism, by contrast, breaks down complex molecules into simpler ones and produces energy in the process.

Anabolism for bodybuilder

To bodybuilder, the process of building muscle is anabolic synthesis of muscle-forming proteins. In the process of making muscle proteins, energy is needed. The main source of energy at this point is the food ingested by bodybuilder.

But it's not the food that gets converted into muscle protein. The anabolic process of muscle also needs its hormone counterpart to turn it on. The body's natural anabolic hormones include testosterone, growth hormone and estrogen.

When the body's natural anabolic hormones are insufficient, the protein intake does not necessarily produce muscle protein. bodybuilder uses supplements, such as testosterone, or hGH, which are high in anabolic activity and help build muscle mass.

Catabolism for bodybuilder

For any human being, the body is no longer catabolic. Because it takes energy to sustain life. Normally we get energy from food, when food is low, we get energy from burning muscle, and then, we get energy from burning fat.

The catabolism of muscles is unacceptable to bodybuilder. However, when the bodybuilder doesn't take in enough energy, the body actively burns muscle for energy. At this point, if you keep your food intake adequate, won't the muscle break down? If you eat enough energy and keep moving, you can stop your muscles from breaking down. But at the same time, fat is increasing rapidly. For Bodybuilders in the cutting phase, to reduce fat, they cannot eat more food, which is when they face muscle catabolism.

When bodybuilder wants to lose fat and maintain or grow muscle, it needs to improve the anabolism of muscle. Anabolism requires raw materials as well as energy. If a supplement, which boosts muscle anabolism and also burns fat to fuel muscle anabolism, it is what bodybuilder needs.

There are many supplements like AAS, hGH, sarm, etc. There are many compounds that have such effects, including Anadrol, mk677, sr9009, etc.

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