Company News An authentic RAD140 cycle log

An authentic RAD140 cycle log

2022-10-25     Company News

When you want to get in touch with and understand the help and role of RAD140 for yourself, how do you understand it? Is there a way to most intuitively feel its effect? The answer is of course yes. I have a customer from the United States, Mr.Smith, who is an avid bodybuilder. With his approval, I will record everything that happened and obtained by him on the RAD140 cycle and share it with you.

Character: Senior Bodybuilders, with three years of fitness foundation. Proficient in various fitness methods.

Sex: Male

Age: 23

Height: 182

Weight: 193 pounds

Had run MK677 for two weeks before Rad140 Cycle and will continue to use RAD140 cycle for 10 weeks.

Blood before RAD140 cycle


Albumin - 43.5g/L - Average 36-51

SHBG-31.8nmol/L-average 18.5-54.1

hormone levels



Oestradiol-88 PMAL/L


Free Test-0.418 NMOL/L

Free Androgen-60.5 Ratio


RAD140 cycle workout

Exercise 6 days a week, rest on Sunday

Do strength exercises and do a rep range that includes 15, 12, 10, 8, 6.

What do you want to get out of the RAD140 cycle?

If you want to gain muscle, the goal is not necessarily the strength itself, the important thing is to increase the size of the muscle and maintain health in the process.

Are you ready to do PCT?

Whether PCT is needed depends on the blood level after RAD140 cycle, but in order to be safe, I have prepared Tamoxifen for clients in advance so that they can be used directly when needed.

RAD140 Cycle logging officially started

The first week of RAD140 Cycle officially started on July 4, 2022, with a daily dose of 5mg

Day 1 - Indicates that you can feel an increase in pumping.

Day 2 - Feel the pump even more extreme.

Day three - as usual.

Day 4 - The pump is within the acceptable range, and everything is normal.

Day 5 - Pump as usual.

Day 6 - Summarizing the changes over the week, a strong pump, even without exercising the arms. Still feel a significant increase in muscle stiffness and more veins.

Day 7 - Rest, feel a little drowsy.

RAD140 cycle second week. July 11-July 16, 2022. RAD140 daily dose 7.5mg

Day 1 - Felt a little 'anxiety'. Nothing extreme. Just inexplicable irritability. The pump is still solid. Mr.Smith assured me that this pump is definitely stronger than before the RAD140.

Day 2 - After I started working out, that anxious feeling slowly disappeared.

Mr.Smith said that his sleep last night was not very good. However, he obviously felt an increase in strength during exercise. The anxiety of yesterday did not appear.

Day 3 - or the reason for yesterday's overworked workout, last night's sleep was very good.

Day 4 - I still feel groggy when I wake up, but after a hot shower, this feeling has improved significantly. Mr.Smith said that today's happiness has increased a lot. The strength of the legs has increased significantly.

The fifth day - the effect of drowsiness is still there. This is the most intuitively felt side effect at present. But it has little effect. It has become a habit to get up in the morning and take a hot bath.

Day 6 - The collapse was unbelievable when working on the biceps. That's what Mr. Smith said. He felt stronger and his blood vessels burst. He was surrounded by the whole gym that day and admiration.

The seventh day. Today is a rest day. Mr.Smith said that today he rarely got up very late. He usually got up on time at 7.20 but woke up at 11 o'clock today. This feeling is great.

Make a summary of the week. The weight has increased by about 2 pounds. The muscles clearly feel firmer and stronger. The most intuitive side effect is drowsiness.

The log about Mr.Smith's use of the RAD140 cycle is still being recorded. We will continue to update it in the next article. Interested partners can continue to read the next blog.



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