Steroids Powder Antiestrongen SERMS Steroid Highly selective aromatase inhibitor letrozole Dosage Antiestrogens for bodybuilding CAS: 112809-51-5
Highly selective aromatase inhibitor letrozole Dosage Antiestrogens for bodybuilding CAS: 112809-51-5
  • Letrozol
  • Highly selective aromatase inhibitor letrozole Dosage Antiestrogens for bodybuilding CAS: 112809-51-5

    Product Name Letrozole
    CAS 112809-51-5
    MF C17H11N5
    MW 285.3
    Appearance white Powder
    Purity 99%min
    Testmethod HPLC
    Payment BTC,USDT and TT
    • Description

    Letrozole Dosage Antiestrogens for bodybuilding, it is a highly selective aromatase inhibitor. It is a synthetic benzyltriazole derivative, which can reduce the level of estrogen by inhibiting aromatase. It is a very strong anti-estrogen drug and is suitable for use in the phase of muscle gain or fat loss.

    Product Name: letrozole

    CAS: 112809-51-5

    MF: C17H11N5

    MW: 285.3

    EINCES: 675-034-8

    Appearance:white powder

    Purity: 99%

    Packing: sample 10g,100g500g,1kg

    Usage: Letrozole can competitively bind to heme, a subunit of the cytochrome P450 enzyme, thereby inhibiting aromatase, resulting in decreased estrogen biosynthesis in all tissues.

    Letrozole benefits

    In the process of bodybuilding, users of anabolic steroids sometimes have the trouble of rising estrogen. The benefits of letrozole can reduce the side effects caused by the rise of estrogen in the user's body. It has the following benefits:

    1.Suppresses estrogen: Letrozole acts as an inhibitor that reduces the levels of estrogen in the body, so it is thought to potentially help reduce estrogen-induced side effects, such as edema and enlarged breast tissue.

    2.Reduce accessory fat: One of the purposes of some bodybuilding enthusiasts using letrozole is to reduce accessory fat to improve the appearance of the chest.

    Letrozol Dosage

    Letrozole can well inhibit the rise of estrogen levels, so what is its dosage?

    The recommended dose of letrozole is 2.5mg per day, which alleviates the problem of elevated estrogen during anabolic metabolism. The weekly intake of testosterone is less than 800 mg. If the body fat is below 15%, only 1.25 mg is enough to suppress estrogen. The weekly intake of testosterone is usually more than 1000 mg. Letrozole 2.5mg per day, the specific dose is adjusted according to different physical conditions, please refer to the specific situation for specific analysis.

    Letrozol side effects

    Letrozole can effectively suppress estrogen levels when used in reasonable doses, but it may also bring the following side effects:

    1.Decreased bone density: The use of letrozole may lead to decreased bone density and increase the risk of fractures.

    2.Hormone imbalance: Letrozole may interfere with the balance of hormones in the body, which may cause health problems.

    3.Cardiovascular problems: Like other inhibitors, the use of letrozole may increase the risk of cardiovascular problems.

    4.Other side effects: Other possible side effects include muscle soreness, headache, fatigue, etc.

    Although it may bring about the above side effects, it can bring more benefits to the users at a reasonable dose. When users use letrozole, they can use it according to their own specific conditions.

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