Steroids Powder Antiestrongen SERMS Steroid Exemestane aromatase inhibitor for bodybuilding benefits, Doasage side effects and More
Exemestane aromatase inhibitor for bodybuilding benefits, Doasage side effects and More
  • Exemestan
  • Exemestane aromatase inhibitor for bodybuilding benefits, Doasage side effects and More

    Product Name Exemestane
    CAS 107868-30-4
    MF C20H24O2
    MW 296.4
    Appearance white to off white powder
    Purity 99%min
    Testmethod HPLC
    Payment BTC,USDT and TT
    • Description

    Exemestane aromatase inhibitor is mainly used to treat hormone receptor positive (breast cancer). It belongs to the third generation of aromatase inhibitors. Compared with the previous two generations (anastrozole and letrozole), exemestane is clinically used It is believed to be more potent. Exemestane works by inhibiting the activity of aromatase, the enzyme responsible for converting androgens into estrogens. By inhibiting the production of estrogens, exemestane reduces estrogen in the body Level.In the process of bodybuilding, anabolic steroids are converted into estrogen under the action of aromatase in the user's body, so that the level of estrogen in the user's body increases, leading to side effects such as breast enlargement, and Exemestane can inhibit aromatization Enzyme activity, thereby reducing the level of estrogen in the body.

    Product Name:Exemestane





    Appearance:white to off-white powder


    Packing: sample 10g,100g500g,1kg

    Usage:Pharmaceutical raw material, an irreversible steroidal aromatase inactivator, which can inhibit the synthesis of estrogen and reduce the level of estrogen in blood circulation

    Exemestane aromatase inhibitor benefits

    Exemestane is primarily used to treat hormone receptor-positive breast cancer, but is also sometimes used in the bodybuilding and sports world as a muscle-building and muscle-mass-enhancing drug. Here are some of the potential benefits that some in the bodybuilding community claim may come from exemestane:

    1.Inhibiting estrogen: The main effect of exemestane is to inhibit the production of estrogen, which is thought to possibly help reduce the side effects caused by estrogen, such as edema and breast tissue enlargement.

    2.Improved muscle firmness: Some claim that exemestane may help improve muscle firmness, making muscles firmer and more defined.

    Exemestane side effects

    Common side effects of aromatase inhibitors are hot flashes, joint pain, weakness, mood swings, depression, increased blood pressure, swelling of the arms and legs, and headache. At the same time, it will reduce the mineral content in the bones, which may induce osteoporosis. When used as antiestrogens in steroid cycle, aromatase inhibitors increase the likelihood of cardiovascular disease due to the cardiovascular protective effects of suppressed estrogen.

    Studies have shown that when mixed with testosterone enanthate TE, the inhibition efficiency of aromatase inhibitors on HDL cholesterol will be significantly improved. But selective estrogen modulators like tamoxifen Nolvadex do not negatively affect cholesterol levels and are usually the antiestrogens of choice for bodybuilders.

    Exemestane aromatase inhibitor Dosage

    Anabolic steroid users typically use Exemestane at a dose of 12.5 to 25 mg per day when using Exemestane as an anti-estrogyn and for muscle enhancement. Sometimes 12.5 mg every other day works better.

    Although exemestane can inhibit aromatase very well during the bodybuilding process, everything has two sides. Only by using it within a reasonable dose can the impact of side effects on users be reduced, and greater benefits can be obtained , contact us for more information.

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